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North Western



  • 2 years at a hospital (as with all the hospitals in the North-Western deanery). This allows you to 

    • get to know how the hospital runs very well

    • stay with the same group of people for 2 years

    • more chance to get involved with extra-curricular activities in the hospital

  • Blackpool is a district general hospital with plenty of opportunity to get hands on

  • Blackpool has a large amount of rotations in paediatrics and anaesthetics 

  • It has a low score required for entry. So people who want to maximize their chance of doing the above rotations would do so by applying to Blackpool

  • Blackpool is a fun coastal town with plenty to do and cost of living is very cheap. Many pay less than 300 per month for rent

  • Plenty of fun places which can be easily reached within an hour e.g. Manchester, Liverpool, Lake District

  • Active mess and fy trainees are usually a tightly knit group

  • Dedicated whole days of bleep free teaching fortnightly

  • Some of the best locum rates for f1s and f2s in the country and easy to get hold of individual shifts

  • All tracks have GP

  • All tracks but one have A&E




  • Blackpool has a very deprived community. A large amount of chronic disease e.g. COPD, liver disease, drug abuse

  • Blackpool is nice in the summer but winter can be bleak so you may have to find fun activities further afield

  • Staffing levels for the higher grades can be low. This means there are a large amount of locums

  • Half the A&E tracks are as an f1. Some may see this as an advantage!



Dimitris Mitakos


Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Foundation school - North Western


Hospital- Blackpool Victoria Hospital



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