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About Doctor's Handover

A handover, by definition, is simply the act of handing something over. In medicine, however, it means so much more; it is the transfer of both information and professional responsibility for a patient or group of patients.


This is exactly what we do every year, without thinking, when we leave the care of our patients for new foundation house officers every August.


The aim of this website is to ensure that you assume this responsibility in a foundation school where you feel both happy and comfortable. This involves making informed choices when you rank your preferences for the Foundation Programme Application System.


We have asked junior doctors nationwide to provide an account of their experience as house officers in their respective foundation schools.


We hope that this information will help you make more informed choices when it comes to selecting foundation schools for your foundation programme.


Meet the team

Dr Temoor Naeem

Founder and Director

Temoor is a foundation doctor at Addenbrooke's Hospital in the East Anglia Foundation School. He qualified from Imperial College in 2013, and has since worked on a number of service improvement projects within his trust. He started the Doctors Handover project after frequent questions about his experience at Addenbrooke's from medical students and senior colleagues. 

David West

Designer and Director

Since graduating from the University of Manchester, David has been working in Marketing and Web Design.

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Please be aware that the content on this website is completely subjective and does not represent the views of the Doctor's Handover, the NHS or any other Foundation Schools.

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