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Northern Ireland

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Did you attend the Northern Ireland Foundation School? We'd love you to share your experience.


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Northern Ireland is a beautiful place to work ...

Northern Ireland is a beautiful place to work in, and the daily experience of work is enhanced as the vast majority of colleagues are so friendly and approachable! It really helps team morale, and helps your own learning as you feel at ease to ask questions and further your experience.


There is a large amount of hands-on work, and teaching quality is high. The deanery is very good at highlighting opportunities to enhance your CV and make decisions regarding your future career path early.


Work timetables are varied, but easier compared to those of many of the UK mainland deaneries. Workload, especially in the bigger hospitals in Belfast, can be intense at times. Limitations and extensive trolley waits at the Royal Victoria due to the shutting down of peripheral A&E departments have been detailed many times over the past year on the BBC.


Belfast City does have good, albeit limited, nightlife options. The cost of living is low compared to many of the cities on the Mainland, and transport links leave a lot to be desired - if you want to be able to get around, a car is almost a necessity, especially if you are doing rotations away from Belfast where you will be expected to travel to various clinics and hospitals spread over a large area.


Despite the limitations, I definitely feel that the space has allowed me to develop a higher level of competency and life satisfaction.

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