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Did you attend the Severn Foundation School? We'd love you to share your experience.


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I applied to Severn for my F1 hoping to work in Bristol ...

I applied to Severn for my F1 hoping to work in Bristol. However I spent most of it at Weston which is a reasonable hospital to work at as an F1, great people and a good mess with plenty of juniors around. I also felt very well supported by seniors. I lived in the countryside about half way between Weston and Bristol but most people either lived in One or the other. I'd recommend living in Bristol and doing the short commute as Bristol is a great place to be. Try and get a flat in Clifton, it's what I would do if I worked there again. Good luck with your application.

Musgrove Park Hospital FY1

I applied to Severn, like most people, to work in Bristol. I'm working in Bristol for my F2 which is fantastic but I've only just settled in so I will talk about Taunton where I worked for my F1 I have to admit I'd never even heard of taunton before I got my job results but it turned out to be an absolutely fantastic place to live and work. Musgrove Park hospital is highly rated and deserves all the plaudits it gets. The atmosphere is friendly with plenty of friendly consultants. The mess is brilliant with plenty of socials and extras such as 5 a side on amonday funded by the mess. I'd definitely recommend Taunton and Severn as a deanery.


All the best with your applications.

Dafydd Llewelyn

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