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Did you attend the Trent Foundation School? We'd love you to share your experience.


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Trent is a wide and diverse deanery ...

Trent is a wide and diverse deanery, with busy teaching hospitals in Derby and Nottingham, to more relaxed DGHs in Boston, and Lincoln.

I spent F1 in Lincoln, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like any foundation school, it was always going to be a steep learning curve from medical school. But I felt a DGH would be a much more relaxed atmosphere to do so. Not knowing a great deal about the deanery as I graduated from GKT in London; Most of my information is due to the limited experience I have had in Lincoln/Nottingham. As tertiary centres go, you will need to be choosy as to what specialities and experience you want to get. QMC is big on nuerosurgery, trauma, spines, gastro, and gen surg. City hospital is big on cardiology, oncology, renal, haematology. I cant give much detail on Derby/Mansfield except most people seem to commute from Nottingham to get there, but the hospital is pretty new, and looks nice! Usually the way things work you'll do 1 year in Derby/Nottingham, and one year in Boston/Lincoln/Grantham. Grantham has no acute surgery, so youll have to travel to Lincoln for a week of acute surgical admissions. As I can only vouch for Lincoln and now Nottingham, there are lots of things to do in both cities, affordable and very nice housing and great places to eat and especially for Lincoln a vibrant nightlife. If you're a bit of a keeno, there are loads of audit projects to sink your teeth into, and regional presentations to get involved with.


Overall, I've had a pretty good time here so far, and despite it not being my first choice deanery on FPAS I'd reccomend it! There are some good leaflets and more information on the deanery website.


Dr Kanish Amin - Nottingham City Hospital

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